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    Efect of polypropylene fiber on on the high strength concrete


    The paper deals with the effects of addition of various proportions of polypropylene fibers on the properties of High strength concrete. An experimental program was carried out to explore its effects on compressive, tensile,flexural, shear strength and plastic shrinkage cracking. A notable increase in flexural, tensile and shear strength was found.

    The main aim of the investigation program is first to prepare the strength of concrete of grade M40 with locally available ingredient and then to study the effect of different proportion of Polypropylene fiber in the mix and to find optimum range of Polypropylene fiber content is 0.5%,1.0%,1.5% in the mix. The concrete specimens were tested at different age level for mechanical properties of concrete, namely, cube compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength and other test were conducted for cement, chemical admixture, coarse aggregate & fine aggregate.

    Saeta Equina