Recognizing Excellence



Dynamic Concrete Pumping, Calgary, Alberta has been recognized for construction of a 575,000 square foot joint-free slab. This floor was given the Award of Excellence in Concrete in the Advanced Concrete Construction category by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Alberta Chapter. The project was installing, placing, and finishing the GDL Logistix distribution warehouse for Gregg Properties Co. Ltd. The Edmonton Alberta distribution warehouse floor is 575,000 square feet of joint-free high-tolerance concrete flooring. This joint-free floor slab is delimited by armored construction joints called double Omega joints, which provide optimum load transfer and excellent concrete edge protection, making this entire slab maintenance free for its user. The Freeplan joint-free floor slab concept eliminates saw cut joints, reduces long term maintenance costs, and optimizes mechanical handling equipment efficiency.

Tom Weston, the Calgary branch manager accepted the award on behalf of the Dynamic employees who as a team successfully met the challenges and exceeded the high flatness specifications of this project. The team had to meet extremely high flatness tolerances and use unconventional pour rates and installation techniques to accommodate the aggressive project schedule and deliver a finished floor above specifications. Dynamic Concrete president Joe Delehay stated, “These types of projects always test your force's abilities and once again we were able to exceed our client’s specifications and expectations. It’s accomplishments like this that make me proud of my employees and our company. It’s great to be recognized with an award as the industry leader for providing high quality superflat floors.”

Saeta Equina