Concrete is a strong material on impact pressure , but during the process of Concrete there may be some small cracks inside the concrete that may not even visible by eyes , but this small cracks eventually make the concrete weaker , and if any tension applied on it , it may break easily , Polypropylene concrete fiber is Used in concrete mixture to reduce the cracks and make a strong concrete on tensile pressure .

Also when it comes to use concrete as industrial flooring , also this PP fiber leads to have a uniform surface and also stronger , so this cause longer life time and more durable .

SE MicroM product can be used in all type of concrete such as Internal floor slabs , Bridges , Conrete ftamed buildings , Stucco , Underground construction , pilling concrete , agricultural Areas , Driveways , Water retaining structure , sidewalks , Precast concrete , shotcrete , crubs and etc . this PP fiber have 12 mm length and mainly use for ready mix concrete  .

Advantage And benefits :

-Reduce Plastic Shrinkage

-Alternative for crack control

-improves freeze/thaw resistance

-improve impact and abrasion resistance

-enhance durability

In data sheet you can find more details about th propreties of fiber