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    Some Methods of Protection of Concrete and Reinforcment...



    Some Methods of Protection of Concrete and Reinforcment of

    Reinforced-Concrete Foundations exposed to Environmental impact


    Zoran Bonic, Gordana Toplicic Curcic,Milan Trivunic , ...



    Concrete and reinforcement used for making of reinforced concrete foundations, can be exposed to different aggressive impacts of the environment. As a consequence, reinforced concrete material deteriorates in time. There is a number of methods, i.e. ways to prevent the damage of reinforced concrete foundations. In the paper are mentioned some of the methods such as: proper selection of foundation depth, construction of the gravel layer below the foundations, construction of the proper drainage and construction of adequate moist and water insulation, proper placing and curing of concrete. In additions, during design of concrete mixes, one must take into consideration the degree of exposure of concrete to the external impacts. In the design of the concrete mix, various admixtures are used, providing appropriate water-tightness of concrete and frost resistance. Also various coating chemical can be used as the additional protection of the concrete surface, such as: hydrophobic silicon impregnation chemical, epoxy resins, bitumen sealing strips or self-adhesive strips, bitumen emulsions, synthetic foils (membranes), hydro-insulation cement masses, bentonite barriers, studded foils (membranes) HDPE, bathtub –like structures... A special attention must be paid to the thickness of the protective layer of the concrete, as well as (when needed) to the choice of reinforcement resistant to corrosion.

    Saeta Equina